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What do you get when you combine the legacy of German engineering, the aesthetics of Bauhaus, and the passion for quality eyewear? You get Radiowerk, a brand that celebrates the history and the future of vision.

Radiowerk is more than just an eyewear brand. It is a tribute to the RFT, the legendary manufacturer of communications technology in the former East Germany. RFT was a pioneer in radio and television technology, producing everything from electron tubes to short-wave transmitters. RFT was also a symbol of innovation and creativity, operating in a Bauhaus-style building that inspired its design philosophy.

Radiowerk honors this heritage by crafting its eyewear in the same building where RFT once operated. Radiowerk uses the finest materials and the latest technology to create frames that are durable, comfortable, and stylish. Radiowerk also follows the principles of Bauhaus, combining form and function to create eyewear that is simple, elegant, and timeless.

Radiowerk is not only proud of its past, but also mindful of its present and future. Radiowerk keeps its production under one roof, ensuring efficiency and quality control. Radiowerk also reduces its environmental impact by minimizing CO2 emissions and using sustainable packaging.

Radiowerk is more than just an eyewear brand. It is a vision of Bauhaus. A vision that respects history, embraces innovation, and values quality. A vision that you can wear and share with the world

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