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Manufacturing RADIOWERK

Innovative Frame Architecture & Lens Integration

Unlike traditional wire frames, Radiowerk frames are cut from a single sheet of metal, resulting in a sleek and minimalist design. This technique is not only very beautiful, but also improves its durability and flexibility, allowing for a comfortable and dynamic fit.


Instead of the conventional method where the lens is mounted within the frame, Radiowerk lenses have a groove that wraps around the frames.


To ensure optimal performance and safety, Radiowerk eyewear mostly utilizes Zeiss polycarbonate and polyamide lenses. Renowned for their flexibility and shatter-resistant properties, polycarbonate and polyamide lenses perfectly complement the dynamic nature of our frames. This not only increases the resilience of our eyewear, but also is better for the environment. Read more about that here: Zeiss Polyamide Sunlens

Our commitment to innovation extends to every aspect of our manufacturing process, ensuring that you not only look good in Radiowerk eyewear but also experience unparalleled comfort and durability. 

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RADIOWERK frames step by step

Design: Creations by Cécile Hoggenmüller

Manufacturing: Precision Craftsmanship, Quality Unveiled

Radiowerk's eyewear design is masterfully curated by German designer, Cécile Hoggenmüller. Each frame reflects innovation and style. Cécile's passion for eyewear shines through, resulting in distinctive designs that celebrate individuality. A lot of our inspiration is influenced by the historic building where Radiowerk Studio is located. Read more about this here

Material Selection: Careful selection of titanium and stainless steel sheet sets the foundation for durability and design.

Laser Cutting: We execute our designs with laser precision. 

Surface Finishing: Polishing and coloring techniques completes the frames.

Assembly: Our assembly process is where each component is seamlessly integrated to meet our standards.

Lens Selection: Whether it's a Zeiss sunlens or a clear demo lens for corrective glasses, our lens choices are strategic, emphasizing both style and optical clarity.

Quality Control: Standards of Excellence, Perfection Defined

Quality is the cornerstone of Radiowerk, and our frames undergo rigorous scrutiny to meet our standards before sending out to our customers. Every frame is carefully inspected by our team. In the event of a frame falling short, our in-house recycling process minimizes waste, embodying our commitment to quality and sustainability. 

Want to know more? 

Feel free to send us your questions by email or make an appointment to come and visit our Manufacturing Studio in Leipzig, Germany. 

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